5 Essential Notes about: FAS Incoterms (Free Alongside Ship)

FAS Incoterms (Free Alongside Ship) means that the seller must place the goods alongside the ship nominated by the buyer. The seller is obliged to arrange all the steps in export country up to alongside the ship. The buyer have to arrange the rest. This terms is to be used only for sea or inland waterway shipments.


1. Which shipments FAS incoterms is suited for?

  • FAS Incoterms is designed for bulk and break bulk shipments. It is highly recommended not to use this term in containerized shipments.

    2. Which party is responsible for loading the goods onboard?

  • Once the seller place the goods alongside the ships, any further risks and costs in loading the goods onboard are for the account of the buyer.

    3. What is differences between FOB and FAS Incoterms?

  • The only difference in FOB and FAS is that in FOB the seller is responsible and liable for loading the goods onboard. In FAS term, the seller only delivers the goods alongside the nominated ship. From that point onward, all the risks and costs are for the buyer account.

    4. Which party contract for the carriage in FAS Incoterms?

  • The buyer is obliged to contract for the carriage from the nominated port of shipment. This term is used mostly for bulk shipments then bulk carriers are used for this shipments. Most of the bulk carrier have cranes for loading the goods onboard. Maybe that is why this terms is well suited for bulk shipments.

    5. Why parties must well coordinate about time and location of loading?

  • As in wharf available time is restricted and also costly, it is highly recommended that the parties clearly specify the time and location of loading. Also it is noticeable that all the facilities must be provided prior to loading process.

To read the full obligation of the seller and the buyer in FAS Incoterms read the book “ICC Guide to Incoterms 2010”

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