About Matson Freight

With its corporate headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii, Matson, Inc. is a U.S.-based provider of transport services. The ticker for the corporation is “MATX” on the New York Stock Exchange.

Since 1882, Matson Navigation Company, Inc. (Matson), a pioneer in Pacific shipping, has been a critical resource for the economy of Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Micronesia, and the South Pacific. It now offers superior, accelerated service from China to Southern California. The company’s fleet of ships consists of container vessels, roll-on/roll-off ships that can also carry containers and specially made barges used for specific cargo types.

In order to support Matson’s ocean shipping activities in Hawaii and Alaska, the Matson subsidiary Matson Terminals, Inc. offers container repair, stevedoring, and other services. 

Matson Co has been around the market for a long time, adding a lot to its fame and popularity among shippers worldwide.

Matson Container Tracking

If you have cargo on Matson’s vessels, you may need to know the details of your shipment. ETA and ETD are the most important things you want to know. Then, the timing will change multiple times, and the only way to know about these happenings is to track your containers

Tracking containers can be different depending on the shipping line you use. In Matson’s case, you only need to open their website and enter the container number into the field. Matson gives you some basic information about the last situation of your cargo in the ocean. 

Of course, there are better ways for Matson container tracking that give more visibility and convenience, and we will discover them.

Matson Container Sizes

MATSON provides three conventional ocean container sizes for the transportation of home items on the commerce routes between Hawaii and Guam.

The below table is provided as a fast reference to help you choose the ocean container that would be most appropriate for your needs.

Matson Container Sizes

Container SizeInside DimensionsMaximum Cube
20 Foot 19’4″x7’9″x7’10”1172
40 Foot 39’6″x7’9″x8’10”2387
45 Foot 44’6″x7’9″x8’10”3030

Matson Shipping Routes

Matson keeps updating its shipping routes and schedule to have a fresh and up-to-date plan. To get what you need, it is better to check everything on their website. They provide you with the accurate data you need so that you can understand their schedule.

How Much Does a Matson Container Cost?

The calculation of a Matson container cost is done per container. The cost is determined by the kind of shipping you choose and the total length of the ocean container you purchase. Hopefully, they have online support, and you can make a simple phone call to get an estimated quote.

How Do I Track My Matson Ship?

Are you worried about your containers? What about the many delays that ruin your timing? We know how difficult it is to waste your time on the bad timing of shipping lines and unexpected changes that postpone your cargo arrival.

You can take advantage of online tracking tools like Shipup Dashboard to solve this problem. In This way, tracking Matson containers is easier than ever. You only need to enter the container number on the first page you see at Shipup.net and choose the name of your shipping line; in this case, you should select Matson and click on “Track Shipment”.

Tracking Matson Containers with Shipup

If you are wondering about the difference between Shipup Dashboard and Matson tracking system, you should know that there is nothing to compare! When you track your shipments on the Matson tracking system, you only get the basic data about the shipment. Also, if you want to track them again, for example, tomorrow, you should find the container number again and enter that long number again. It wastes your time, especially when you should do it every day and for many containers. 

But, with Shipup Dashboard, you only enter the container number once, and it will be added to your shipment list forever. Not only the basic information about your cargo but also a lot more data is waiting for you. Even if you can’t keep checking the shipments, you can activate notification for your shipments, and we will notify you as soon as something happens to your cargo. To know more about Shipup Dashboard, you can read this blog post or instead, you can give it a shot and start your free trial right now.

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