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“Live Location” on Shipup

Cargo management is the process of organizing and controlling the storage and transportation of goods. Proper cargo management is essential for businesses that want to optimize their shipping operations and reduce costs.

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“Search” on Shipup

Shipup Dashboard provides you with different tools to let you have a full picture of your ongoing shipments. One of the most popular tools on Shipup is “Search” and you can use it to find your shipment easily and bring visibility to your workflow more than ever

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“Export” on Shipup 

Cargo management is the process of organizing and controlling the transportation of goods. It includes the planning, coordination, and execution of all activities related to the movement of goods

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What are RoRo Shipments?

RoRo tracking is the process of keeping track of vehicles as they are loaded onto and unloaded from ships. This is done in order to ensure that the correct number of vehicles are loaded and unloaded, and that they are all accounted for. RoRo tracking is a vital part of logistics and supply chain management, and helps to keep track of inventory levels and movements.

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How Often Should I Check my Shipment Updates?

If you’re waiting on a shipment, you’re probably wondering how often you should check for updates. The answer may not be as often as you think and sometimes it is a part of your job workflow. Checking for updates too frequently can be counterproductive for some people, and as it is a time consuming task, it does not meet the basic standards of cargo management.


Consignee in shipping

A consignee is a person or company who is the recipient of goods that are being shipped. The consignee is responsible for receiving the goods and ensuring that they are unloaded from the vessel or aircraft

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What Is FOB shipment?

An FOB shipment is a type of shipping arrangement in which goods are delivered to a designated location and the buyer assumes responsibility for the transportation costs. FOB stands for “free on board.” This type of shipping is often used when exporting goods from one country to another.

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Container Tare Weight

ust be deducted from the gross weight of a shipment to calculate the net weight of the goods. Tare weights are established by shippers and are indicated on bills of lading and other shipping documents . 

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All about Wharfage Fee and THC

In shipping, a wharfage fee is a charge assessed by a dock owner for the use of his facility. In other words, wharfage refers to the cost of using a wharf. The fee is based on the size of the vessel using the dock and the length of time it stay

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All about Container Freight Station

A container freight station (CFS) is a facility where cargo containers are loaded and unloaded. These stations are usually located near ports or railheads. CFSs are used to store, maintain, and distribute containers. They often have cranes and other equipment to move containers around. Container freight stations play an important role in the global economy by facilitating the movement of goods around the world.