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Integrating a Shipment Visibility Platform 0

Streamline Your Supply Chain: The Advantages of Integrating Visibility Platforms with ERP, TMS or custom systems

While integrating a shipment visibility platform can bring many benefits, there are also some challenges to be aware of. For example, some businesses may struggle with the technical aspects of integration, or may face resistance from employees who are used to working with a different system

Sea Freight Tracking 0

Sea Freight Tracking

Every container owner, importer, exporter or freight forwarder needs to track their sea freight shipment. Tracking shipments help the logistics manager to know about the prior status of the containers, the exact location on the ocean,  and the estimated time of departure and arrival (ETD and ETA). Sea freight shipment tracking is time-consuming for every importer, exporter, freight forwarder and container owner.

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What You Need to Know about Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding services are an integral part of international trade and are responsible for getting cargo from Point A to Point B. Freight forwarders typically work with a network of transportation providers to move goods around the world and offer a variety of services to help businesses move their products. These services can include the customs clearance, freight forwarding, cargo insurance, and more. Freight forwarding services are a great option for businesses that need to move their products internationally and can help to save time and money. What Are Freight Forwarding Services? Freight forwarding services are responsible for handling the...

Container Tracking in Canada 0

How to Track Containers in Canada?

Even when you are waiting for your food and supermarket stuff to arrive, you need to know where your order is. It is a common concern among many people, and if you feel safer after tracking your goods, everybody understands you! Of course, when it comes to container and logistics management, it is more than a sense of safety. The more you know about your container, the better you can schedule the process, and your costs will be lower.  You need a container number or bill of lading to track your container. Shipping line websites are the first place you...

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Empty Container Tracking

An empty container takes the exact time and effort to be shipped as a full container. Every carrier has to manage the number of containers on every ship so that every container is full when it is shipped. Unfortunately, it does not happen!  When you ship an empty container, the cost of shipping is the same as full containers. It is a big headache for carriers who need to reposition their empty container because it burns a huge amount of money, and the carriers should pay for it themselves. Empty container tracking can be a way to keep track of...

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HBL Tracking vs. MBL Tracking

When it comes to logistics, there are a lot of abbreviations and code names for those who know the workflow of this industry. Some of these names can be misunderstood, and that is the beginning of problems for communications. Shipup Dashboard lets you track your shipments by the bill of lading, as well as container number and vessel name. But, what is a bill of lading? What about HBL and MBL? How to track with MBL and HBL? What is the Bill of Lading A bill of lading is a document that details the terms and conditions of the transport...


Evergreen Container Tracking Is Easier than Ever

When Shipup started its journey, there were a lot of shipping lines and millions of containers to track. The top 10 shipping lines in the world handle a huge percentage of shipping and that’s why Shipup has been covering the list of the top 10 shipping lines. Every shipping line provides a unique sort of information about your containers. As it is far easier to have all your shipments in one place, Shipup Dashboard helps you track your shipments from many shipping lines, including Evergreen Marine Corp. Evergreen Is the Connector of a Better Life Evergreen Marine introduces itself as...

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Maersk Vessel Tracking by Shipup Tracking

Maersk line is the biggest shipping company in the world and owns more than 600 vessels. Every day they carry millions of Tons of cargo all over the world. As a simple example a container ship may carry more than 10,000 TEU containers. More than 1,000 companies are waiting for just a vessel to arrive in different locations. Here is why people are seeking about Maersk vessel tracking. People want to know where is their shipment and when will it arrive. Maersk line is a container shipping company in other words the type of it’s vessels are container ship. So...

How to use Maersk container for tracking on Shipup? 0

How to use Maersk container for tracking on Shipup?

In order to track a shipment you can use container number for example Maersk container numbers: MSKU0126817. Container numbers are unique all over the world. If you do not access to Master Bill of lading (MBL) of your shipment it is highly recommended to use container number to track. When you are using container numbers you must know the shipping line to visit its tracking page unless you use Shipup Container Tracking. To track your maersk container, you can use Maersk Contaienr Tracking page on Shipup.What if are not sure about the shipping line? Does this container belong to Maersk...

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Maersk Tracking by Shipup Online Tracking

In order to track your shipment status, you only need a device connected to internet. Online tracking for sea shipments is available as free service on Shipup Tracking. Maersk tracking as the biggest shipping line tracking is included in Shipup tracking. Maersk line also provide this service as well but you will receive more features using shipup maersk tracking. Maersk Tracking by Vessel One of the main features of shipup container tracking is integration of vessel location and container situation online. In addition to your shipment details and container movements you can check the vessel current location on the world...