Cheap Shipping within Canada

Cheap shipping in Canada or in any other country needs time and effort. We all know that there are many different ways to take advantage of low prices, and there are millions are factors that determine the prices.

When it comes to prices, there would be some reasons why some providers offer your the cheapest services, and we only know a few of them. In this article, we will cover the things you need to know about cheap shipping within Canada.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship to Canada?

Every country takes advantage of its land border with neighboring countries. Transportation from land borders is much cheaper and happens quicker than ocean transportation. However, there are some stable costs you should consider when shipping, and they are all about international shipping and import/export issues. All in all, ground services are always cheaper and more affordable for shipping.

There are multiple factors that play a major role in shipping costs, and their impact is almost always obvious. To name only a few of them, it is easy to say that Duties, Destination, and Carrier Services are among the most important factors in shipping rates in Canada. Want to know more about factors? Here is a list:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Delivery Speed
  • Distance your package has to travel
  • The remoteness of the pickup or delivery address
  • Courier Company 
  • Problems with the Delivery Address
  • Delivery to a residential location
  • Additional Handling
  • Insurance
  • Cost of Fuel

In shipping from the US to Canada, you can avoid duties if the value of your products is under $20 CAD (~$14 USD). Usually, the carrier handles the taxation for parcels over the limit.

Weight of Your Goods

Shipment costs increase with the weight of your box. The only thing you can do is to pay the price, and there is no way to change the price, as your shipment’s weight does not change.

Size or Dimensions of Your Package

When packaging goods, you waste a bit of your space for secured packaging. These free spaces make your box bigger. Of course, you can manage the size and dimensions of your boxes, but never forget that you need some free space for some of your goods. Obviously, the bigger the package, the more expensive your shipping.

How Shipping Distance Affects Shipping Prices

When you want to ship your goods, one of the very first things to consider is the distance. This factor influences the price directly, and the courier company calculates the fuel cost and different costs of your shipment. Finally, the distance determines the price.

Shop around for Better Prices

Every company will have different costs to ship the same package between the same two points. The operating costs for some are more than others due to the lack of presence or established network within certain areas of the country. For others, they prefer to service those areas less. Shopping around for price is a great way to get the cost of shipping down.

When a shipping company handles your shipment, all the resources are involved in finishing your job. They may have massive networks of people around the world, and due to these connections, their process happens smoothly. Every shipping company has its own costs and resources, and we can guess why every company has a different fee for your shipments. 

The bigger the company, the less the cost for shipping. If a company does not have an active presence in an area, its cost for shipping to that part of the world is higher. We recommend you shop around to find a cheap shipping company for cheap shipping within Canada.

Delivery Speed & Shipping Costs

It is a simple rule, and we all know that a faster performance is always more expensive. Every shipping line needs to use more resources if you want them to work faster, and they will charge you for the speedy shipping. 

To have cheap shipping within Canada, it is wise to do everything on time. You can overestimate all the procedures and avoid rush planning. In this way, you will never need a faster delivery and expensive fees.

Shipping Volume

You may find your favorite shipping line and keep shipping your container with their services. If you have your favorite, it is better to ship a huge percentage of your shipments with the one you liked the better. In his way, you can counter for better prices. 

Shipping lines are likely to offer more reasonable prices for those who have a lot of containers to ship. The more you use their services, the cheaper they provide you services

The US to Canada Shipping Cost

 US to Canada shipping costs

The only way you can get the US to Canada shipping costs is to contact your courier and ask for a quote from them. They need the exact information about your cargo and will let you know the price for shipping from the US to Canada. On the internet, there are some online tools to use for these price estimations, and some companies give you the price you need. By the way, we mentioned some of the factors that affect the price of shipping. You can consider these factors and try to have cheap shipping within Canada.

What Can Shipup Do?

First of all, Shipup is a visibility platform. You can’t get any information about pricing right now, but we have something you can use to have a cheap experience shipping within Canada. When you work with different shipping lines, you will be more likely to use only one or two of them. 

It is all about their performance and workflow. For example, nobody wants to work with a shipping company with a lot of delays and inaccurate data about the shipments. So what does Shipup Do?

Shipup has a lot of simple features, and each one is a solution to a problem. After using Shipup for tracking your containers, you will know which shipping line has the best performance and which one increases your costs due to many ETA changes and bad performance.

Shipup helps you find your favorite shipping line and keep working with punctual shipping lines. It saves your time (the most precious asset you have) and reduces your costs of delays. Sign up on Shipup and track your containers, and you will see how your shipping lines are working for you.

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