How to use Maersk container for tracking on Shipup?

In order to track a shipment you can use container number for example Maersk container numbers: MSKU0126817. Container numbers are unique all over the world. If you do not access to Master Bill of lading (MBL) of your shipment it is highly recommended to use container number to track. When you are using container numbers you must know the shipping line to visit its tracking page unless you use Shipup Container Tracking.

To track your maersk container, you can use Maersk Contaienr Tracking page on Shipup.What if are not sure about the shipping line? Does this container belong to Maersk Line? Here is where Shipup Container Tracking helps.

Using Shipup Maersk Tracking,  if your container is owned by Maersk Line, the shipping line will be selected automatically. But if you are not using Shipup Tracking you can guess the shipping line as explained below.

Maersk Container Owned By Maersk Line

If you container if owned by Maersk line, your container prefix is exclusively owned by Maersk line too. Many of these prefixes are well known and easy to guess the Maersk like: MSKU, MRKU or MRSU . As there are many prefixes owned by Maersk line it is highly recommended to use Shipup Maersk Tracking. Not only Maersk line, this is applicable to other shipping line as well. Automated line detection is working for MSC tracking, CMA CGM tracking, PIL tracking, Hyundai Tracking, Yang Ming Tracking and other shipping lines on Shipup Tracking.

Maersk Container leased from Container Leasing Comanies

If your Maersk container is owned by a leasing company like SeaCube Container Leasing, you can not guess the shipping line using the prefix. So you must know the shipping line although it is not straightforward when you don’t have the MBL. Here is another time that Shipup Maersk tracking helps you. On Shipup once a container is tracked successfully, no one else needs to know the shipping line of that container. Shipup will remind it as well. Fortunately Maersk line use few leased container in its fleet.

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