Kenya Ports Authority Implements Digitalization of Cargo Processing

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has made a significant move towards modernizing its cargo handling services by digitalizing its processes. This shift is in line with the Kenyan government’s objective of achieving paperless operations. KPA has transitioned its cargo processing services to the government site e-Citizen, which will increase efficiency and transparency in tracking transactions.

According to Gilbert Lagat, CEO of Shippers Council of Eastern Africa (SCEA), this move will enhance the ports’ efficiency and reduce the cost of handling cargo. KPA users can now access services through individual e-Citizen accounts, and the new KPA page provides real-time tracking, which digitizes both the operational and payment processes.

KPA’s adoption of technology for cargo processing has been lauded by industry experts who anticipate other major Kenyan organizations such as the Kenya Revenue Authority, Communications Authority of Kenya, National Cereals and Produce Board, National Environment Management Authority, Kenya National Library Services, and Kenya Airports Authority to follow suit.

The digitalization of cargo handling services is expected to streamline operations, reduce transaction times, and promote transparency, ultimately improving Kenya’s overall economic competitiveness. KPA’s digitalization initiative is a major step towards achieving the country’s ambitious goals of becoming a regional economic powerhouse.

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