Maersk Tracking by Shipup Online Tracking

In order to track your shipment status, you only need a device connected to internet. Online tracking for sea shipments is available as free service on Shipup Tracking. Maersk tracking as the biggest shipping line tracking is included in Shipup tracking. Maersk line also provide this service as well but you will receive more features using shipup maersk tracking.

Maersk Tracking by Vessel

One of the main features of shipup container tracking is integration of vessel location and container situation online. In addition to your shipment details and container movements you can check the vessel current location on the world map. In other words, using shipup tracking you are using both maersk container tracking and maersk vessel tracking at the same time. This service is real time, fast and accurate.

Maersk Container Tracking with Email Alerts and Notification

While you are using maersk tracking for container, shipup alert button is at the top of the container details. Using shipup alert service, shipment tracking reports is proactively in your inbox. You are always aware of the shipment status and location. You receive all event notifications, timely notifications and status, arrival or schedule changes notification. This proactive alerts help you plan your logistics more wisely. Check our plans and pricing for Alert Service and use our free trial if you have any shipment in process now.

Online Support

When you are tracking on shipup, at the right bottom of the page, online chat is for your questions.  When the online tracking is not enough ask shipup support team to help you for your maersk tracking issue.


In addition to maersk line, others tracking are available on shipup like: MSC tracking, CMA CGM tracking, Hyundai tracking, PIL tracking and so on. All of your tracking needs are integrated at one place.

Hope we can serve you with our services for your shipment soon.


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