New Maersk Container Tracking | Container Tracking Service Update

Simultaneously with our recent update on shipping line pages, we have also launched new Maersk container tracking. Although we have had tracking for Maersk line before, it sometimes wasn’t fast enough. So in our new update for Maersk as the biggest shipping line in the world is quick and smart.

To track your container you only need to know your container number. Most of the times when you enter the container number, Maersk line will be selected automatically if it belongs to Maersk. Then you need to click on track. Latest data of your shipment will be shown to you according to the line tracking data.

Along with tracking information and your container movements, current location of your shipment will be shown on world map even if your shipment is loaded on board. We will find the location of the vessel carrying your shipment with the “last update time” of the vessel location.



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