Share, Update Your Tracking, Main info of your shipment in a glimpse

New Update on container tracking service:

With huge thanks to our dear users, all over the world, who are our main motive for providing better service. In new update below features have been added to tracking service in order to enhance the user experience:

Share Tracking:
You may need to share the result of the tracking to a third party (your client, your partner, your boss or …). Using share button choose your sharing channel( Email, Whatsapp, Telegram , ..) and share it easily.

Share container tracking

Share Container Tracking


Update Tracking:
Request an on-demand immediate update on your tracking result just by clicking the Update Button. This is to make you sure that the result is updated to last movement of your cargo.

Update Container Tracking

Update Container Tracking



Main info in a glimpse:
Sometimes you might have not enough time to check all movements of your cargo. To save your time we provide you with the main information to check it in a glimpse.

Shipup container tracking main info in a glimpse

Main info in a glimpse

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