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How Often Should I Check my Shipment Updates?

If you’re waiting on a shipment, you’re probably wondering how often you should check for updates. The answer may not be as often as you think and sometimes it is a part of your job workflow. Checking for updates too frequently can be counterproductive for some people, and as it is a time consuming task, it does not meet the basic standards of cargo management.

Vancouver Port Container Tracking 0

Vancouver Port Container Tracking

Vancouver port container tracking seems to be a challenge for many people in logistics. These problems got to the next level after COVID 19, as we all saw its effects on the whole supply chain. Anyway, you may still have problems tracking your shipments in Vancouver port, but the good news is that Shipup has the solution!

Sea Freight Tracking 0

Sea Freight Tracking

Every container owner, importer, exporter or freight forwarder needs to track their sea freight shipment. Tracking shipments help the logistics manager to know about the prior status of the containers, the exact location on the ocean,  and the estimated time of departure and arrival (ETD and ETA). Sea freight shipment tracking is time-consuming for every importer, exporter, freight forwarder and container owner.

MSC Tracking in Canada 0

MSC Tracking in Canada

If you ship your goods by MSC containers, you certainly have some concerns about your cargo, as you should. You don’t know the ETA and the last status of your shipments, which can be a problem.

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About Matson Freight

With its corporate headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii, Matson, Inc. is a U.S.-based provider of transport services. The ticker for the corporation is “MATX” on the New York Stock Exchange.

Demurrage 0

What is Demurrage?

As any shipper knows, demurrage is a charge applied to containers left at the port or rail yard longer than their allotted free time. This fee is charged per container / per day until the container is picked up, and it can quickly add up for shippers who are not careful. While demurrage is sometimes unavoidable, shippers can do a few things to minimize their exposure to this fee.  First, they can track their containers closely and ensure that they are picked up as soon as possible after their last free day. Second, they can work with their logistics provider...

Container Tracking in Canada 0

How to Track Containers in Canada?

Even when you are waiting for your food and supermarket stuff to arrive, you need to know where your order is. It is a common concern among many people, and if you feel safer after tracking your goods, everybody understands you! Of course, when it comes to container and logistics management, it is more than a sense of safety. The more you know about your container, the better you can schedule the process, and your costs will be lower.  You need a container number or bill of lading to track your container. Shipping line websites are the first place you...

6 New Shipping Line Tracking on Shipup 0

6 New Shipping Line Tracking on Shipup

We are so proud to announce that 6 new shipping line tracking was added on Shipup. From now you can track any shipment carried by 13 biggest shipping lines in the world. Since the begging, we’ve continuously added tracking for lines with more request and market share. Today we have lunched container tracking for 6 new shipping lines as below:  Hapag tracking for Hapag lloyd shipping companyOne tracking for Ocean Network Express shipping companyOOCL tracking for Orient Overseas Container LineAPL tracking for American President LineHamburg Sud tracking for Hamburg Sud Shipping CompanySafmarine tracking for Safmarine shipping Company Hapag-Lloyd Shipping Line...

How to use Maersk container for tracking on Shipup? 0

How to use Maersk container for tracking on Shipup?

In order to track a shipment you can use container number for example Maersk container numbers: MSKU0126817. Container numbers are unique all over the world. If you do not access to Master Bill of lading (MBL) of your shipment it is highly recommended to use container number to track. When you are using container numbers you must know the shipping line to visit its tracking page unless you use Shipup Container Tracking. To track your maersk container, you can use Maersk Contaienr Tracking page on Shipup.What if are not sure about the shipping line? Does this container belong to Maersk...

New Maersk Container Tracking | Container Tracking Service Update 0

New Maersk Container Tracking | Container Tracking Service Update

Simultaneously with our recent update on shipping line pages, we have also launched new Maersk container tracking. Although we have had tracking for Maersk line before, it sometimes wasn’t fast enough. So in our new update for Maersk as the biggest shipping line in the world is quick and smart. To track your container you only need to know your container number. Most of the times when you enter the container number, Maersk line will be selected automatically if it belongs to Maersk. Then you need to click on track. Latest data of your shipment will be shown to you...