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Container Tare Weight 0

Container Tare Weight

ust be deducted from the gross weight of a shipment to calculate the net weight of the goods. Tare weights are established by shippers and are indicated on bills of lading and other shipping documents . 

Wharfage Fee 0

All about Wharfage Fee and THC

In shipping, a wharfage fee is a charge assessed by a dock owner for the use of his facility. In other words, wharfage refers to the cost of using a wharf. The fee is based on the size of the vessel using the dock and the length of time it stay

All about Container Freight Station 0

All about Container Freight Station

A container freight station (CFS) is a facility where cargo containers are loaded and unloaded. These stations are usually located near ports or railheads. CFSs are used to store, maintain, and distribute containers. They often have cranes and other equipment to move containers around. Container freight stations play an important role in the global economy by facilitating the movement of goods around the world.

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Port of Discharge and Port of Loading

This is a typical misunderstanding among traders regarding the distinction between the port of delivery and the port of discharge. Is there a distinction between the port of discharge and the delivery location? Is the location of delivery the same as the port of discharge?

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What Is a Freight Charge?

When you transport your goods from one country to another, there is a fee you should pay for the whole transportation process. This is called Freight Charge or freight rate. So the shipper pays the money to the carrier. This fee changes for each shipment and depends on many different factors.

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Different Types of Marine Insurance and Insurance Policies

The subject of Marine Insurance is vast and encompassing; that is why there is a long list of different types of marine insurance and insurance policies. An acceptable sort or type of maritime insurance may be modified and picked to be adopted based on the needs and requirements of the carrier. Why Marine Insurance? Any form of insurance is intended to reduce risks in the case of unlucky occurrences like accidents, harm to property and the environment, or fatalities. The risks are higher when it comes to ships since all elements are at play, such as the chance of losing...

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What is Marine Insurance?

The term “insurance” can be called “Protection against future loss.” Another official title for insurance in logistics is “marine insurance,” which, as the name implies, covers both ships and boats and, perhaps most significantly, the cargo they carry. All those who need to transport their goods through oceans want reliable support if anything happens to the cargo or the vessel, and this type of insurance is designed to solve these concerns. Marine insurance can’t be ignored since, thanks to it, ship owners and carriers may be sure that they will be able to file claims for losses, especially given the...

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What is Demurrage?

As any shipper knows, demurrage is a charge applied to containers left at the port or rail yard longer than their allotted free time. This fee is charged per container / per day until the container is picked up, and it can quickly add up for shippers who are not careful. While demurrage is sometimes unavoidable, shippers can do a few things to minimize their exposure to this fee.  First, they can track their containers closely and ensure that they are picked up as soon as possible after their last free day. Second, they can work with their logistics provider...

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What You Need to Know about Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding services are an integral part of international trade and are responsible for getting cargo from Point A to Point B. Freight forwarders typically work with a network of transportation providers to move goods around the world and offer a variety of services to help businesses move their products. These services can include the customs clearance, freight forwarding, cargo insurance, and more. Freight forwarding services are a great option for businesses that need to move their products internationally and can help to save time and money. What Are Freight Forwarding Services? Freight forwarding services are responsible for handling the...

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Shipping from China to Canada

What Is the Best Way to Ship from China to Canada? Depending on what you are manufacturing in China, there are various shipping methods available to you, such as express mail, air freight, and sea freight.  A lot of manufacturers and companies in China are looking for the best way to ship from China to Canada. To do so, there are multiple options and methods of international shipping. When we talk about shipping from China to Canada, there are three main ways to ship: Among these three, Sea freight is the most popular method for the distance between China to...