Top Shipping Companies in Canada

Canadian Shipping Companies are among the bests in the world. A huge part of international transportation engages Northern America; shipping lines and companies in Canada handle a considerable percentage of these transportations. In this article, you can read about the top shipping companies in Canada. These are not only the big players in Canada but also are considered the most popular shipping companies in the world.

Kintetsu World Express, Inc.

KWE takes pleasure in delivering your goods to any marketplace around the globe as a leading provider of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Customs Brokerage, Surface Logistics, and Distribution (3PL) services in Canada. Kintetsu World Express is now listed among the top 10 Global Freight Forwarders in Canada, having terminals and administrative sites in almost every metropolitan area.

InXpress Canada

ShipBetter with InXpress Canada is a freight and shipping provider that works with top worldwide carriers such as DHL. Because of its scale and shipping quantities, they are able to provide customers with unequaled shipping options at some of the most competitive costs available. Some of their core features include:

  • Access to top-tier volume shipping discounts
  • Easily quote, schedule, or track any shipment
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Free shipping supplies

Golden jet

Their international network of partner agents has been tried and tested since the company was launched in 1984. Every one of the international agents is a top professional providing first class service whether it is for export or import.

Golden Jet’s export operation offers comprehensive services such as multi-modal consolidations for air and ocean container services, export customs clearance, and tracking. This company takes advantage of an expert team of operators. They provide their international partners with a free break bulk into North America. Golden Jet can negotiate incredibly competitive rates with air and maritime companies. To round up the offerings, the load broker units will provide a complete supply network across North America.

Logistics & Customs Services Inc

LCS Logistics and Customs Services Inc was founded in 1996 to provide full-service logistics solutions to diverse industries. LCS is divided into two departments that work together to serve their clients with the finest freight transportation across North America and around the world. LCS Logistics and Customs is equipped with industry-leading technologies and years of knowledge to complete your task while giving you the finest service possible.

A1 Freight Forwarding

A1 Freight Forwarding, located in Toronto, Canada, is an international freight service company. They provide freight forwarding, air freight, ocean freight, local transport, logistics, and other services. A1 focuses on providing pickup and delivery inside Canada as well as shipping to over 200 locations abroad.

Freight Fox

There are no hidden fees or surcharges at Freight Fox. They are devoted to servicing their clients; they are committed to assisting companies in expanding their business operations in order to enhance productivity while lowering overall expenses. Freight Fox simplifies the whole process and gives a cost-efficient and dependable method for managing their clients’ supply chain by leveraging unique and sophisticated TMS technologies.

Rodair International

Rodair provides a range of professional services to companies around the world, with particular expertise in international logistics and customs brokerage. With offices across six continents, they can deliver client solutions from factory flooring right up through retail sales floors – all bespoke and tailored for each industry’s unique needs!

MSolution Groups

MSolution Groups is a leader in the transportation industry with global partners who help deliver 100% customer satisfaction for their clients. They excel at providing cost-effective and timely services that meet or exceed any need they’re charged with, all while maintaining an excellent reputation among those they do business with across industries worldwide.

Ridgewood International Freight Inc

Ridgewood International Freight provides the best in Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, and Ground Transportation. They are a firm founded by industry specialists with decades of expertise who are driven by a desire to perform with the finest competence and speed.

They have established themself as a worldwide presence in a world where their clients seek the most efficient and cost-effective transportation techniques for over 30 years. 

Ridgewood International Freight has a strong worldwide partner network of colleagues in over 125 countries, allowing them to guarantee that all operations will be sustainable and productive, including value-added solutions for all of their clients.

Routes Transport Group

Routes Transport Group has over 20 years of expertise in transportation and logistics management and has developed its methodology to provide a streamlined process and dedication at every level of delivery. 

They ensure that whether you engage the Transport, International, or Food Service departments, you will experience the same exceptional quality of service from their team of transport and logistics professionals.

Shipup Is Here for Visibility

When it comes to the supply chain, there are a lot of challenges you may experience. We know how important your timing is, and shipping lines are not able to work punctually. Many factors lead to chaos in supply chain management, and tracking containers is something you have to do every day. 

Shipup Container Tracking Dashboard helps you experience a premium level of visibility along with a lot more features for better cargo management. For tracking your containers and using Shipup Dashboard, sign up and start your free trial. Shipup covers the leading shipping lines in the world. If you can’t find your favorite shipping line on Shipup, let us know, and we will make it work for you!

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