Frequnetly Asked Questions

Frequnetly Asked Questions

Here is some frequnetly asked questions to help you. If your question is not covered, feel free to ask.
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Are you a shipping line?

No! We are an independent tracking service provider not a shipping line. Sometimes our clients take us by mistake as shipping line agent.

How to track a container?

To track your container, go to Container Tracking and insert your container number and select your shipping line, then click on the "Track" button.

How to track the container when I don't know the shipping line?

We automatically select the shipping line for lots of containers and you don't need to know it. If it's not selected automatically, you have to select.

Are the tracking results updated?

All tracking data is automatically gathered online and real time from shipping lines. You can check the "Last update" to find validity of results.

Also you can use the "Update" button, to request an on-demand update.

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What if I select a wrong shipping line?

If you select the wrong shipping line, you will face no result and you can use "track & trace manually" service. Using this service, shipup customer support will track your container and inform you by email at the earliest.

More about track & trace manually: Track and Trace Manually | Container Tracking Service Update

What if I face an error?

If you face an error, "Track and Trace Manually" button will be shown. Click on the button and just enter your email. Shipup customer support will check the matter and inform you with the correct result immediately.

How to track a vessel?

To track a vessel, go to Vessel Tracking and enter your vessel name, wait for a list of vessels match with name, select your intended vessel according to its type. Then click on track button.

What if I enter a wrong vessel name?

As our system will show you a list to select, you don't need to be worry about this matter. You have always see a correct list.