IRISL Container Tracking Track your IRISL container easy

IRISL container tracking is unavailable due to U.S. sanctions against Iran.
IRISL Container Tracking

IRISL Tracking

IRISL container tracking by Shipup allows you to track & trace IRISL containers just by one click. In addition to container movements, the current location of the vessel will be shown on the world map automatically. If you want to find the location of a cargo of IRISL shipping line, Shipup has provided you with an opportunity, which is online, easy and professional.

IRISL tracking is now more convenient by the Shipup container tracking service. You can trace any container or cargo with the IRISL container number that is a unique number written on the body of the container. This is a reference for identifying and tracking IRISL containers.


Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines was established in 1967 and commenced its commercial operation by employing two home trade vessels and 4 larger ocean going vessels.

Presently, IRISL Group with around half a century experience in worldwide marine transportation field and employing a reliable international network is well-known to its clients as their global partner, capable in performing a wide spectrum of services and steps up beyond expectation of customers.

HDASCO Shipping Company being a member of IRISL group, having 24 ocean going container vessels with a capacity of 91000 TEU which are managed and operated by 142 expert staffs, as well as many overseas offices and agencies all around the world.

IRISL Abyan container ship Abyan IRISL Abyan container ship

IRISL Container loaded on truck in shenzhen IRISL Container loaded on truck in shenzhen