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COSCO container tracking by Shipup allows you to track & trace COSCO containers with just one click. In addition to container movements, the current location of the vessel will be shown on the world map automatically. If you want to find the location of a cargo of COSCO shipping line, Shipup has provided you with an opportunity, which is online, easy ,and professional.

COSCO tracking is now more convenient by the Shipup container tracking service. You can trace any container or cargo with the COSCO container number that is a unique number written on the body of the container. This is a reference for identifying and tracking COSCO containers.

Just by having the COSCO container numbers, anyone from China , India , Georgia , Armenia , Sri Lanka , United Arab Emirates , Myanmar , Panama , Senegal , Bahrain or any place in the world can track COSCO shipments.


COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd, affiliated with COSCO Shipping Group, is born with the integrated container businesses of CSCL and its predecessor COSCO, which has been up for business since Mar.1st, 2016. COSCO SHIPPING Lines is a fully-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Holding Co. , Ltd,registered in China (Shanghai)

After integration, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has expanded the business scale, consolidated the position in the industry. Meanwhile, the service network has also been further improved. By the end of March 2018, the company has a total of 373 container vessels, with a total capacity of 1.9 million TEUs, ranking the 4th place in the world, and the 1st place in the Asia. COSCO SHIPPING Lines operates 362 international and domestic shipping routes, consisting of 227 international services (including international feeder services), 49 domestic services, 86 Yangtze River and Pearl River shipping services, covering 289 ports in 90 countries and regions worldwide.

The Company owns over 46 container terminals all over the world, with over 190 berthing spaces. The throughput of its container terminals worldwide amounts to 90 million TEU, taking the second place in the world; the global sales volume of its ship bunker fuel exceeds 25 million tons, topping the world’s list; the container leasing business scale surpasses 2.7 million TEU, which is the third-largest in the world.

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